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3 Carpal Tunnel Exercises to Relieve Your Symptoms

Living with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) can be incredibly frustrating since it interferes with routines in more ways than one. The onslaught of numbness, stiffness, and pain afflicting your hand can make simple activities more challenging to complete, from something as basic as gripping a pen, lifting objects to disrupting [...]

July 22nd, 2021|Carpal Tunnel Syndrome|

Self-Diagnosis: How to Determine if Your Hand Is Fractured

Incurring injuries to your hand or wrists is relatively common, especially since people use it every day regardless of their line of work. For this reason, hand fractures can be extremely dangerous to have, whether it came from experiencing high force impact or gradual weakening due to disease. This means [...]

July 15th, 2021|Sprains & Fractures|

Effective Non-Invasive Treatments for Rotator Cuff Tears

A rotator cuff tear is a non-severe yet debilitating injury that may cause long-term symptoms if left untreated. It occurs when the tendons in the shoulder tear from injury or overuse. Despite not being life-threatening, rotator cuff tears should still be addressed immediately due to the debilitating effects of the [...]

July 8th, 2021|General Blog|


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