5 Best and Preventive Measures for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

2022-06-09T00:16:58-04:00June 9th, 2022|Carpal Tunnel Syndrome|

Do you know that one in every three people per a thousand yearly In the United States suffers from CTS or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Surprisingly, the US has a 50 for every 1000 CTS prevalence similar to the majority of the most developed countries. If your profession or favorite activity exerts a lot of strain [...]

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Causes, Treatments, and Remedies

2022-05-05T12:56:06-04:00May 5th, 2022|Carpal Tunnel Syndrome|

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition causing numbness, tingling, or weakening in your hand. Also called median nerve compression, it results from increased pressure on the median nerve, which runs through the arm's length, going through the wrist, called the carpal tunnel. Since the disorder may cause danger to individuals experiencing it, it’s best to [...]

The Painful Hand: All the Basics about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

2022-02-09T17:33:11-05:00February 9th, 2022|Carpal Tunnel Syndrome|

Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the median nerve – which runs from the forearm through the palm – becomes compressed. This condition is often experienced in the form of a painful, numbing, or tingling sensation in hand. The thing is, anyone can experience it, but it’s more common in women, especially those who are pregnant [...]

Got Chronic Cold Hands? That Might Be Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

2022-01-26T16:08:40-05:00January 26th, 2022|Carpal Tunnel Syndrome|

Chronic cold hands are a symptom of carpal tunnel syndrome. They can be caused by restricted blood circulation when the surrounding veins or arteries are damaged or inflamed. It usually comes from pinched nerves, because blood circulation is restricted. That generally means no matter what the weather is like, hands will stay cold. What Is [...]

Should You Treat Carpal Tunnel with Steroid Injections?

2021-10-06T21:38:53-04:00October 6th, 2021|Carpal Tunnel Syndrome|

You might think that the best way to treat carpal tunnel syndrome is to undergo surgery. However, the treatment you should get depends on the condition itself, particularly its severity. You may consider resorting to other ways such as resting, icing, taking over-the-counter medication, stretching, and even attending physical therapy. While there are common treatments [...]

How to Know if You Have Carpal Tunnel or Wrist Tendonitis

2021-08-12T00:59:36-04:00August 12th, 2021|Carpal Tunnel Syndrome|

When extreme pain in the wrist is caused by repetitive stress in the hand's joint, people almost always think they might have a carpal tunnel. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes, you are not experiencing carpal tunnel syndrome but instead endure wrist tendonitis. Here’s what you should know about each and their differences. [...]

3 Carpal Tunnel Exercises to Relieve Your Symptoms

2021-07-22T04:17:27-04:00July 22nd, 2021|Carpal Tunnel Syndrome|

Living with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) can be incredibly frustrating since it interferes with routines in more ways than one. The onslaught of numbness, stiffness, and pain afflicting your hand can make simple activities more challenging to complete, from something as basic as gripping a pen, lifting objects to disrupting your ability to work.  Seeing [...]

Can Wrist Rests Actually Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

2021-06-24T04:26:04-04:00June 24th, 2021|Carpal Tunnel Syndrome|

A significant sector of the average workforce in the US works eight hours a day in front of a computer. Even with the current situation, the vast majority that now works from home still spend their time at their own desks.  While it may not seem physically straining, there are conditions that can develop when [...]

6 Non-Carpal Tunnel Reasons for Hand and Wrist Discomfort

2021-06-10T02:45:44-04:00June 10th, 2021|Carpal Tunnel Syndrome|

Numbness and tingling are not a good feeling, especially when you feel it in your hands. This sensation can be debilitating as it can inconvenience your work.  Most people may mistakenly conclude that the sensations are caused by Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which is caused by pressure on the median nerve. It happens to many people [...]

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