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Sprained Wrist Facts: Signs, Treatments, and Prevention Tips

A sprain is an injury to a ligament, which is the tissue that connects bones together at a joint. A ligament can be stretched, torn, or ruptured. A sprained wrist is a very common injury, especially among athletes. Signs of a Sprained Wrist There are several signs that may indicate you have a sprained wrist. [...]

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Sprained Wrist 101: Signs, Treatments, and Preventive Tips

Sprained wrists are a common injury, especially for athletes. However, anyone can end up with a sprained wrist from a fall or other accident. It's important to recognize the signs of a sprained wrist so that you can get the proper treatment. Learn more about sprained wrists with this brief guide. What Is a Sprained [...]

Self-Diagnosis: How to Determine if Your Hand Is Fractured

Incurring injuries to your hand or wrists is relatively common, especially since people use it every day regardless of their line of work. For this reason, hand fractures can be extremely dangerous to have, whether it came from experiencing high force impact or gradual weakening due to disease. This means that people who engage in [...]

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5 Common Hand & Wrist Injuries That May Lead to Surgeries

Hand and wrist injuries, especially when they occur among athletes, are actually more common than you might expect. However, in some cases, they can require surgery to alleviate the discomfort. Whatever the case is, the hands are the most used parts of the body, which is why you need to know the most common injuries, [...]

Strain Management 101: Preventing Wrist Pains

As the world shifts to a purely technological environment, there is no doubt that people’s lifestyles are also affected by this rapidly shifting trend. Office spaces alone have seen that wrist pains are becoming increasingly prevalent due to the demands of the job and the heavy use of computers. Ergonomics can be difficult to keep [...]

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