Hand tendinitis is a condition wherein a patient’s tendons in the hands get inflamed and become immobile. Although hand specialists aren’t sure how the disease develops, it starts after the hands get strained, overused, or perform repetitive movements. Hand doctors also link the condition with other conditions such as diabetes, gout, and rheumatoid arthritis, which often affect a patient’s joints.

However, since the condition often gets associated with other health conditions causing the same reaction, it is confusing to diagnose the disorder without consulting a hand surgeon. But there are common symptoms that people can expect when developing hand tendonitis, and here are some of them.

1. Long-Term Pain

Hand tendonitis always results in pain in the patient’s hands that does not disappear after a few days. The pain often radiates from your palm to your wrist, fingers, and thumb, and it gets worse as you use your hands for repetitive tasks. You will find yourself unable to hold your phone or computer mouse, and your hand movement will get limited. You will also find it hard to open doors or jars, and your grip strength will decrease. Some people with hand tendonitis will also experience redness, swelling, and tenderness on the affected tendon.

2. Poor Dexterity

Hand tendonitis will cause your fingers and hand to move with much pain. You will find that you cannot grip anything firmly or even pick up a small object such as a pen. As a result, the condition can make you drop things that you are holding and make work and daily tasks frustrating.

3. Struggling Activities

Your work, sports, or even recreational activities will be hard when you have hand tendonitis. The pain will make it hard for you to do tasks that require a lot of finger movement. Your grip strength will also decrease, and you will find it hard to grip a ball, racquet, or even a bottle.

4. Inability To Open Your Fingers

The condition will make your fingers stiff and immobile, making hand opening difficult. You will find yourself unable to open your fingers after getting chilled hands. When you have hand tendonitis, and you have to pick up a small object, it’s almost impossible to pick the thing up without feeling extreme or throbbing pain.

5. Soreness After Exercising

Those who have a high-performance job or play sports need to be mindful that any exercise you do can aggravate your hand tendonitis. During training, you will always feel that your hands are aching, and you may feel some tingling. After exercise, you will also experience tenderness and swelling around your tendon.

6. Difficulty Doing Daily Tasks

Hand tendonitis will limit you from doing your daily activities. You will find yourself struggling to pick up items, move around, pick up your children, and even hold your utensils. It is frustrating to be unable to do the small tasks you used to do with ease.


Symptoms of hand tendonitis can be confusing to many people because it resembles other conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome. You must consult a hand surgeon to confirm your diagnosis. You can also get treatment right away after consulting with a hand specialist. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you may want to consult your hand doctor. A hand surgeon will give you an accurate diagnosis and recommend treatment.

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