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Arthritis Can Limit Your Activity

Arthritis is a painful and very common condition that can make even basic hand tasks difficult. Movements as simple as opening a jar, turning a key, or writing can become painful and the condition will only worsen if not properly treated.

What Does It Mean to Have Arthritis in the Hands and Wrists?

Arthritis is a product of worn down joints where two bones meet and motion occurs. Without arthritis, the joint is covered in cartilage which acts as a shock absorber to allow for a smooth, pain-free movement. Arthritis happens when the joint becomes inflamed causing the cartilage to wear away and the joint become an irregular meeting of bone to bone.

What Does It Mean to Have Arthritis in the Hands and Wrists?

What to Expect as You Overcome Your Arthritis

While over the counter medication and creams may bring about relief, our goal is to totally eliminate the pain you experience from hand and wrist arthritis. You may be prescribed stronger medication or receive special splints to help restore the cartilage. Only in very extreme and advanced cases will the Hand & Wrist Center opt you into surgery to replace the joints causing you pain.

What to Expect as You Overcome Your Arthritis

Quick Facts About Arthritis

Symptoms: Stiffness, swelling, or pain in hand and wrist joints.
Common Causes: Most popular causes are heredity, obesity, and general wear and tear over age, but this in no way is an exhaustive list.
Treatment Options: Activity modification, pain creams, splinting, cortisone injections, and in severe cases, and joint replacement.

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