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Accidents happen and sometimes they can cause deep cutting injuries. If you find yourself suffering from severe hand or wrist trauma, give us a call at 904-215-2422 any time for 24/7 emergency assistance.

The Importance of Laceration Care

A deep cut in your hand or wrist is a laceration. These cuts can go very deep often times damaging the underlying tissues, tendons, ligaments and even the nerves. Lacerations almost always need immediate surgical attention if you wish to regain mobility and functionality in your hand and wrist.

The Importance of Laceration Care

What Causes Lacerations?

Lacerations are easily caused without serious contact. They commonly occur when your skin comes in contact with something sharp like scissors, knives, broken glass, and animal bites. It is very important to follow the instructions for proper use on power tools such as drills and power saws as they are leading causes to lacerations. Do not wait to get your laceration examined by one of our providers at the Hand & Wrist Center!

What Causes Lacerations?

Trust Only the Most Qualified Doctors with Your Trauma Care

Lacerations can cause limited mobility and functionality if not properly treated. Our providers at the Hand & Wrist Center are fellow trained specialist in hand and wrist surgeries and the best choice for your laceration care. He is proven to drastically restore mobility in your hands through proper post-operation care and exercise. Most major insurances are accepted so if you are suffering from a hand or wrist laceration, stop into Hand & Wrist Center or call 904-215-2422 for emergency assistance.

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