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Don’t Live with Ganglion Cysts Any More

Ganglion cysts are painful masses under the skin that can cause unusual and unsightly bulges in your hands or wrists. While normally harmless, they are quite the nuisance and with over 18 years of practice, our providers at the Hand & Wrist Center are more than qualified to help remove the cysts from your hands and wrists.

What Exactly Is a Ganglion Cyst?

Cysts are fluid-filled lumps that can form as the result of an injury on the fingers or the base of your wrist. They range in size and can occur without cause. They have also been known to go away on their own as well. If you have a larger cysts or one that does not seem to be going away, you may want to have it examined.

Thankfully, most ganglion cysts do not cause intense pain except when they first form, nor do they prevent sufferers from being able to perform the activities their daily life requires from them. These cysts occur when the synovium, the membrane which lines your joints and tendons, produces a thick fluid which blocks the membrane from moving as it should.

When you visit Hand and Wrist Center, you can get your cysts looked at and receive massage treatment, fluid removal via needle, and in extreme cases, surgical removal.

What Exactly Is a Ganglion Cyst?

Quick Facts About Your Ganglion Cyst

Symptoms: Nodule or knot in the hand or wrist.
Common Causes: They tend to form after an injury but otherwise it is largely unknown what causes them.
Treatment Options: Massage, needle aspiration, and surgery.

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