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Do You Know What Causes Trigger Finger?

Trigger finger is caused when your tendons become inflamed and cause the surrounding lining in your hand to thicken and swell. This expansion prevents the tendons from easily being able to slide into the lining in your hand, making it difficult and painful to bend, straighten, or even use your fingers or thumbs.

Do You Know What Causes Trigger Finger

Learn More About Your Tendons

Tendons are what connect the bones in your fingers to the muscles all the way up into your forearm. They are protected by a special membrane called the synovium which secretes a fluid allowing the tendons to slide as you move your fingers. Trigger finger is when the tendon becomes inflamed and unable to slide easily through the sheath created by the synovium.

Learn More About Your Tendons

Quick Facts About Trigger Finger

Symptoms: When attempting to open hands from a closed fist position, the joints in your fingers seem to lock, jam, or otherwise struggle to release.
Common Causes: Repetitive gripping and use, arthritis, and injury.
Treatment Options: Splinting, cortisone injection, and surgery.

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