Symptoms and Possible Diagnoses

Here are some of the common symptoms along with possible diagnoses.

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Hand & Wrist Infections

If a specific area of your hand or wrist becomes red, swollen and painful, you may have an Infection. This may happen after an animal / snake / spider bite or a cut/laceration/puncture. (You will need blood work and / or a culture to confirm the diagnosis and determine the best medicine for treatment.)



If you have pain at the base of your thumb that gets worse when you flex your thumb into your palm and bend your wrist toward your little finger, you may have DeQuervains Tendonitis (no special test is needed to diagnose this condition)



Accidents happen and sometimes they can cause deep cutting injuries. If you find yourself suffering from severe hand or wrist trauma, give us a call at 904-215-2422 any time for 24/7 emergency assistance.


Trigger Finger

If one of your fingers clicks or sticks as you try to bend and straighten it, you may have a Trigger Finger (no special test is needed to diagnose this condition)