Texting thumbSmartphone technology allows us to communicate with our loved ones with just a few taps, and it even helps us accomplish tasks and seek out essentials through the Internet. 

However, these repetitive motions can strain our hands and wrists, affecting our full mobility. That is why you need to know more about smartphone-related injuries to avoid inconveniences and get the healthcare you need. 

This article will discuss three common mobile device-related medical complications you may have encountered or are currently experiencing. Take this as an opportunity to look after you and your family’s welfare since smartphone use is an integral part of everyday life. 

  • Texting thumb 

Some smartphone users like to use the one-thumb method to interact with their devices. For instance, you may text and social-media post by using your right thumb to tap. This repetitive action can lead to texting thumb, a medical complication that leads to arthritis-like symptoms in either thumb, especially while bending towards the pinkie to make a “four-count” hand signal. 

As such, you should find ways to be flexible with each fingers’ use to allow your thumbs to take a break and prevent further physical strain. Make an appointment with a local hand doctor if you experience severe texting thumb and need immediate attention. 

  • Finger cuts 

There are times when you may drop your electronic device, leading to a cracked screen. Repairs for full-screen replacement are often expensive and impractical, so you may result in using the device as is, especially when there are no performance hindrances apart from the visible crack on the screen. However, you have to be careful when tapping on these damaged devices since your fingers can get cut by the glass. 

The best preventive measure against finger cuts is to ensure that all your devices are installed with protective cases and screen protectors to prevent breakage. You can also try to avoid touching the cracked screen to ensure your safe use of the device. Seek medical attention immediately when your fingers get cut. 

  • Text or typing claw

This specific hand and wrist condition has been an inconvenience ever since the typewriter age because you often have to arc your fingers in a claw-like position to type, which can lead to strain. The modern-day moniker of this condition is the texting claw because you may interact similarly with your device, especially when placed flat, and you have to arc your fingers to text. 

While there are technological alternatives, like hands-free typing and voice recognition tools, the texting claw problem is not the best solution to avoid further strain. The answer is to seek appropriate medical attention and learn ways to condition your hands and wrists for everyday typing. That way, you can avoid pain when you use your electronic devices and continue to accomplish tasks unhindered by your fingers’ lack of mobility.

Get to know other hand-related medical complications 

Different smartphone-related complications may not be covered in this article, meaning you need to look through other hand and wrist healthcare guides. Check out our symptoms page to gain a comprehensive understanding of your condition and connect with our team of specialists to undergo the right wrist or hand therapy. 


Smartphone use is ubiquitous in modern-day life, which can affect your hands and wrists. Fortunately, there are ways to mitigate pain and determine the appropriate preventive measure to ensure your health and wellbeing. Remember all the previously mentioned information and consult with a hand doctor today! 

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