Hand pain can significantly impact your quality of life. It prevents you from properly performing your daily tasks, such as writing, typing, or cooking. This condition can also cause emotional distress because you can’t participate in activities you’ve formerly enjoyed. 

Moreover, this condition can significantly affect employees who heavily rely on their computer and mouse to effectively and efficiently accomplish their tasks. Fortunately, seeking immediate and proactive hand pain treatment can help prevent severe and lifelong injuries. 

If you want to perform better at work and enjoy your hobbies again, this article will enumerate six tips to stop your mouse from causing hand pain. 

1. Maintain a Proper Posture

Standing and sitting upright is essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and is a crucial hand pain treatment tip. It can help minimize the risk of developing chronic conditions, improve circulation and digestion, and improve self-confidence. 

While it may be easy to forget to sit up straight while working at a desk, slouching can strain your back and cause pain and discomfort in your hands and arms when using a mouse. You can avoid potential issues by sitting upright and aligning your head and torso. 

You may adjust your chair to keep your hands below your elbows and place your mouse close to the keyboard so you don’t need to stretch to reach it. 

2. Take Regular Stretch Breaks 

Besides helping you relax, taking some time out of your day to stretch your arms, wrists, and hands are crucial for your overall wellness. Don’t forget to take time off your screens periodically, relax, and move your fingers. 

You can also do some shoulder shrugs to move your arm muscles. Never force the new stretch when it’s uncomfortable because it can defeat the purpose of your hand pain treatment plan. Moreover, only hold them when they feel good and for as long as you think is necessary. 

3. Adjust Your Grip 

Your mouse grip can significantly affect your hand’s health and the intensity of the hand pain treatment. You should also find what grip works best for you and reevaluate when necessary.

You can keep your body comfortable using a mouse by positioning your hand below your elbow with a gentle hold on the device. Don’t press too hard with your middle palm because it can cause discomfort. Moreover, keep a relaxed grip to avoid straining your wrist.

4. Mix It Up

While using the computer can help you accomplish your work, you should also take regular breaks. Instead of sitting in front of the screen all day, try doing other activities like filing, drinking water, or making phone calls. If you work remotely, you can take a snack break, play with your pets, or do light housework to rest your hands and use different muscles and joints.

5. Find the Right Mouse

An ergonomic mouse works best for employees who heavily rely on their computers to accomplish tasks, especially for remote workers. They should have customizable sizing to fit your hand and let you maintain the best hand and wrist positioning. That way, your mouse won’t strain your hands, let you work comfortably for longer, and save money on expensive hand pain treatments. 

6. Adjust Your Hand and Mouse’s Position

A successful hand pain treatment plan begins once you adjust your hands’ working positions. You can avoid hand pain while using a mouse by ensuring your palm is close to the mouse’s surface, and your mousing hand is directly in front of your mousing shoulder. Keep your armrest two to three centimeters above your table to prevent flexion injuries. 


Nobody deserves to endure hand pain because it can cause physical and emotional distress. Fortunately, you can address this condition by seeking hand pain treatment and taking proactive measures. 

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