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The exponential growth of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has affected even the commercial side of our daily lives—pushing for businesses to adopt remote work set-ups. While this has brought a certain sense of comfort and security to the daily lives of average employees, this too has its own sets of potential problems.

Working from home means a different work environment for first-time remote workers, which is why the most common mistake is improper work stations. A work station not fit for long hours of working can be strenuous to the body—particularly to your hands and wrists. The strain could lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, a condition that can bring pain and numbness to your whole arm.

Certain hand therapy exercises and stretches are perfect for avoiding the pain of this malady. With that in mind, here are four hand-wrist stretches that you can do during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Stretching Exercise # 1. Finger Stretch

Finger stretches are the most basic exercise you can do. As the name implies, you simply stretch every finger, allowing your finger muscles to ease up.

To do this, start with one hand’s palm facing away with your fingers spread out facing downwards. Starting from your pinky, massage it from the base to the tip—once you’ve reached the tip, hold on to it, and slowly stretch it towards your chest. Hold this position for about ten seconds. Do this for each finger, starting with your pinky and moving on towards your thumb.

Stretching Exercise # 2. One-Arm Wrist Stretch

Much like the finger stretches, you will have to stretch your wrist to avoid it locking up due to stress or excessive effort. Simply outstretch your arm with your palm outward and fingers pointing down—ensure that your shoulder is relaxed while holding this position. With your other hand, grab the tips of your four fingers and gently draw it towards your chest. Hold this position for around fifteen seconds before releasing it. 

Now, with the same arm, turn your palm towards you but keep your fingers pointing down. Hold your four fingers and once again gently draw it towards your body once again. Hold the position for another fifteen seconds before releasing it. Do the same for your other wrist and try to do two sets of this stretch for each wrist.

Stretching Exercise # 3. Wrist Rotations

Wrist rotations are perfect for loosening up the feeling in your hand and letting the blood flow through properly. Simply ball up your fingers into a fist and rotate your wrist in a clockwise motion. Make sure to do ten whole revolutions before going in a counter-clockwise motion for another ten revolutions.

Stretching Exercise # 4. Finger-wrist-shoulder stretch

This particular stretch is a more general stretch that targets your fingers, wrists, and shoulder simultaneously. Stretch your arms out at chest level and interlace your fingers with your palms facing outward. While keeping your arms outstretched and your shoulders pressed down, focus on extending your arms even further. Hold this position for 20 seconds.

Once done, maintain the same position but this time with your palms facing skyward. This time, instead of “pushing” outward, try stretching your arms backward with your arms extended while pressing your shoulders down. Hold this position for another twenty seconds.


By following these four simple hand therapy stretches, you can lessen the overall strain on your hands while you work. Doing this at least twice a day can help lessen the risk of contracting carpal tunnel syndrome.

If you’re feeling pain in your hands, wrist, or arms, then you may need a hand therapy from our specialist in Jacksonville, FL. Book an appointment with us now!