Hand & Wrist InjuriesHand and wrist injuries, especially when they occur among athletes, are actually more common than you might expect. However, in some cases, they can require surgery to alleviate the discomfort. Whatever the case is, the hands are the most used parts of the body, which is why you need to know the most common injuries, so you know what to do to prevent it from getting worse. 

In this article, we will talk about the five common hand and wrist injuries that may lead to surgeries:

1. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

This condition happens when the Transverse Carpal Ligament (TCL) becomes narrowed, or its surrounding tissues put pressure on the median nerve that runs the arm’s length and into the hand. At first, it presents itself as numbness and tingling on the thumb, but as time progresses, the compression does not go away, and this can lead to a loss of feeling and even weakness in the thumb muscle.

2. Trigger Finger

This condition is when one of your fingers gets stuck in a bent position; it can bend or strengthen in a snap like a trigger––hence the name. In most cases, this discomfort presents itself as a nuisance instead of a severe condition, but it can also require surgery. However, there are non-surgical alternatives, such as corticosteroid injections that can treat the condition.

3. Basal Joint Arthritis

This condition happens when the cartilage lining the joints between the bones deteriorates, which causes friction. As a result, this will cause inflammation, pain, loss of motion, weakness, swelling, and even stiffness.

4. Ganglion Cysts

These are common lumps found on the hand and wrist that occur randomly; they are not linked to lifestyle, gender, or age. Ganglion cysts are small sacs that are filled with fluid or a clear and jelly-like substance. Most of the time, they’re not painful and are benign. However, there are cases when these cysts interrupt the hand and wrist movement, and there are also cases when they cause severe pain and discomfort. 

There are various treatments available for this, such as immobilization. Sometimes, the cysts can be drained via a needle. However, if they are persistent and become symptomatic, you will need to undergo surgery.

5. Hand and Wrist Trauma

Bones can break or get fractures in the hands or wrists due to physical activities. Another form of trauma can be a crush injury. Different traumas can happen to the hand and wrist that can break the bones. Leaving it untreated can cause prolonged pain and dysfunction, which is why you need to get it treated right away, especially if you’re in severe pain. 

Common injuries on the hand and wrists must not be left untreated, especially if they become disruptive. This is why you must have your hands and wrists checked by a hand doctor so that they can provide you the best course of treatment. 


Remember, your hands and wrists are crucial to your everyday activities, which is why you need to take care of them. Getting into any injuries should be taken care of by a professional to ensure that there are no fractures or broken bones. However, if there is, it will not have further side effects because they will be treated immediately. 

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