Carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms such as the tingling in the fingers are often unmanageable, but they can be worsened more with certain habits or motions. Unfortunately, when it comes to a job, those movements may be out of your control. Many workplaces would require using your upper limbs throughout those work hours, including your hands and wrists.

Here’s how certain jobs can affect carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms and pain:


Most jobs related to arts, such as being a painter or musician, would usually entail using your hands. Especially without the defining factors of work hours where you may hold your tools and instruments almost 24/7, it can truly aggravate the weakness of your fingers that come as a result of carpal tunnel syndrome.


Almost every sport would require hands, whether it involves a ball, racket, or any other type of tool. Going into this field as a professional athlete can be rather difficult on your carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms, especially when there’s a constant physical practice that would require the use of your hands.


Working in the foodservice industry would be difficult for those struggling with carpal tunnel syndrome. Even waiters who would have to take and bring in people’s orders may find difficulty with keeping their hands in use all the time. It’s even worst for chefs and bartenders where the business would rely on their preparation of the food and drinks.

Hotel Accommodation

A big responsibility when it comes to hotel accommodation is being able to deliver every wish that a patron asks of you. When you’re unable to carry many heavy things due to the lack of mobility in your hands, that eliminates helping with luggage, bringing extra weighted blankets, and more.

Computer and IT 

IT can be quite a demanding job when it comes to the hours that you have to work. Not only is it taxing as you need to face the screen all day, but you’d also have to use your fingers to type, code, and perform all the other duties that are expected of you. Without getting treatment to steady the hands, it can be hard for programmers and technicians to operate.


Both manufacturing and construction jobs are physically demanding, with many people exhausting their bodies greatly. Your hands are a must when it comes to being a factory worker, equipment operator, or any other type of craftsman. Being in a constant routine and forcefully using vibrating equipment at work can worsen your carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms.


People in healthcare have to rely so much on their hands to perform and deliver the best care for their patients. It can be near impossible for doctors, dentists, surgeons, massage therapists, nurses, and more to continue their profession without properly addressing their carpal tunnel syndrome.

Beauty and Skincare

Lastly, people in the beauty industry would need their hands to treat the skin, apply makeup, and style hair. Precision would be a must on top of using different tools, so it can be difficult to undertake this kind of job. Plus, evidence shows that women are more likely to have carpal tunnel syndrome than men.


Many more occupations can aggravate carpal tunnel syndrome, making symptoms much more evident. It’s best to seek out treatment from a medical professional instead of putting up with the numbness and pain in your fingers.

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