Hand and Wrist PainThe modern age of technology gives us many benefits to how we live our lives. However, with more people using smart devices, video game controllers, and desktops, there’s also a rise in hand and wrist pains across the globe.

Although it’s easy to underestimate these pains, they can easily develop into more severe conditions such as arthritis, tendonitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Because of this, you should be more vigilant when it comes to your hand’s health.

Understanding hand and wrist pain

Our hands and wrist have dozens of bones that are connected by ligaments. These, in turn, keep the joints together, which allows ease of movement. These different parts work together to help us to have a wide range of motion to our hands. However, each of these components can also experience damage over time. If you’re injured, these sensitive tendons and ligaments can experience inflammation, causing difficulty in movement and chronic pain.

Damaged hands and wrists can prevent you from doing anything from menial tasks to important office work. Depending on your condition’s severity, you may have difficulty lifting a coffee cup or using your laptop. Some types of complications are so severe that it can inflict pain even when your hand is at rest. This is why you shouldn’t overwork your fingers and wrists if you can.

Avoiding overwork to your hands and wrists

If you want to avoid hand and wrist complications, you should develop healthy work habits and keep a nutritious diet. Giving your bones plenty of calcium and vitamin D can build up your body’s defenses from joint and bone pain. On the other hand, adjusting your workstations to put minimal strain on your hands will prevent it from experiencing overwork.

Treating hand and wrist pain

Your hands and wrists can easily experience discomfort from daily activities such as typing and texting. If the early onset signs of hand and wrist pain are creeping in, you can relieve it even before you go to a doctor. If you apply heat or ice to the sore area, you can minimize the effect of inflammation on the affected bones or joints. Also, you can take over-the-counter medication such as pain relievers or anti-inflammatory drugs to ease the pain.

Remember that the best way to hasten your healing process is to avoid stressing your hands and wrists, so it’s best to take a day off from work if you can’t avoid using them. If the pain persists even after taking 2-3 days of rest, you should schedule an appointment with your personal physician to diagnose your condition.

Consulting with a hand doctor

It’s a typical myth that wrist injuries aren’t that serious if you can still move it. Unfortunately, some fractures are tender directly at the bone, so they’re harder to detect. If you have chronic pain or swelling that lasts for more than 2days, you should consult with a physician to diagnose your condition.


Our hands allow us to perform a wide range of activities, from something as simple as opening doors to more complicated tasks like repairing machinery. Having hand and wrist pain is no simple condition since it prevents you from being mobile and productive. Because of this, you should always get enough rest and consult with an experienced hand doctor to assess your potential injuries.

If you need a hand specialist in Jacksonville, FL, our trained physicians can give you a professional diagnosis of your condition. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll manage your hand-related concerns.