Our hands help us communicate, create, build, and explore the world. Unfortunately, because of the nature of other jobs, excessive use can lead to painful conditions like trigger fingers. 

This condition occurs when swelling occurs in or around the hand’s tendon, causing pain and potentially limiting movement in the thumb and fingers. Fortunately, treatment for trigger finger, like regular gentle stretching exercises, can help alleviate the symptoms. However, if you’ve already tried them and the symptoms persist, consult your orthopedic doctor or physical therapist immediately.

This article will enumerate 12 must-try exercise treatments for your trigger finger and how to do them correctly. 

1. The Ball Squeeze 

This exercise can help with tendonitis of the thumb. Hold a small ball and apply pressure to it with your fingertips. Perform this exercise three to four times daily to strengthen the thumb muscle.

2. The Bent Finger

This treatment for your trigger finger can strengthen the thumb’s tendons. Bend the thumb inward toward the palm until it touches the index finger’s tip, and hold it for ten seconds. Repeat this exercise on the other fingers and do it three to four times daily. 

3. The Extensor 

Place your hand on a flat surface, lift the thumb as far as possible without pain, lower it back down, and repeat on the other fingers. Perform this exercise three to four times daily to help ease symptoms of trigger thumb. 

4. Fingertip Bend 

Hold your finger at the joint just beneath the tip. Next, curl the fingertip while keeping the rest of the finger still. 

5. Finger Curl 

Perform this exercise by resting the elbow on a table, clenching the hand into a loose fist, and slowly uncurling the thumb and fingers until fully extended. Hold it for two seconds before curling it back into a fist, and repeat the finger curl exercise ten times. 

6. Clenched Wrist Bend 

Clench your fist loosely, bend the wrist and fingers towards your body, and hold it for two seconds. Return to the starting position, and do ten repetitions on each side. 

7. Hand Clench 

Begin the hand clench exercise by resting the outer side of your hand on a table with your thumb facing upward. You should also keep your wrist straight. Perform this exercise by clenching and unclenching your hand ten times with a two-second hold. 

8. Hand Turn 

Start the hand turn exercise by resting your hand on a flat surface with the palm facing downwards. Next, turn the palm up as comfortably as possible and hold it for two seconds. Lay the palm downwards and repeat this exercise ten times.

9. Passive Wrist Stretch

Start the passive wrist stretch by placing your palms below your chin and in front of your chest. Next, lower your hands to your waistline until you feel a stretching sensation in your fingers and wrists. Hold it for ten seconds before you return to your starting position, and keep your palms together. 

10. Resistance

This treatment for your trigger finger can help reduce thumb pain from tendonitis and strengthen your finger muscles. Begin by placing rubber bands around your fingers and thumb, then push outwards ten times, five times daily. You can add more rubber bands to increase resistance. 

11. Side by Side Wrist Bend

Place the hand palm on a table, bend the wrist left and right for two seconds each, and repeat ten times.

12. Tip and Middle Joint Bend

Bend the tip and middle joints of your fingers and hold them at the base of the hand before unbending.


Nobody deserves to suffer from a trigger finger because it can make it difficult for people to perform their daily tasks. Fortunately, following exercise treatments for trigger finger and consulting your orthopedic doctor can help you live your best life. 

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