handHaving hand weakness or experiencing a sensation of heaviness in your palms and fingers could be caused by different reasons. While it may not be immediately life-threatening, some can last for weeks or months, requiring further treatment. However, if you have sudden hand weakness, you may require prompt medical attention because it could be a sign of a stroke. 

If you have hand weakness or occasionally have difficulty moving your hand, never postpone consulting a hand doctor. To learn more about the underlying causes of what you are experiencing right now, read the information below:

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by swelling on the inside of the wrist, leading to weakness, discomfort, pain, tingling, lack of coordination, and numbness in the hands. This discomfort can affect your arm once the pressure and swelling worsen. You can develop this condition if you overuse your hand, wrist, or hand, especially if your work involves repetitive movements, like using a computer, typing, or operating machinery.

To determine if you have carpal tunnel syndrome, reach out to a doctor. They can diagnose you by listening to you as you explain your symptoms and examining your hand and arm. You may also undergo a nerve conduction study when needed.

If you confirm that you have it, don’t worry because it is treatable. All you need to do is apply ice, rest the area, and take over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications. You can wear a wrist brace and adjustment during work to prevent the condition from getting worse.

Pinched nerve 

A pinched nerve root, or radiculopathy, occurs when a nerve enters or exits the backbone and gets squeezed by pressure from the joints or bone or by swelling around the spine. You can tell if you have this condition based on your physical examination through imaging tests, like a cervical spine CT scan or cervical spine MRI, to identify the pinched nerve’s severity. 

Having a pinched nerve can also lead to pain or weakness in the arm or leg. The good news is that you can have full improvement without any medication or hand therapy. It can eventually resolve on its own without any intervention. If you need treatment, you will be required to undergo physical therapy or take anti-inflammatory injections or injections with pain medications.

Saturday night palsy

Saturday night palsy is a kind of nerve compression that takes place when the radial nerve, one of the nerves in the upper part of your arm, gets compressed. It typically occurs when you sleep in a position that presses on the nerve for hours, especially if you have consumed alcohol the night before. This condition can be resolved without any medication or surgery, but it is important to reach out to a trusted hand doctor right away. Doing this ensures you are safe from a traumatic injury that requires immediate medical attention.


Hand weakness, pain, or discomfort may not seem like a big deal, but you should never overlook it because it can be a sign of a serious health condition. Remember the underlying causes listed above and seek a reputable possible hand and wrist care provider to ensure your successful recovery.

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