sleeping positionProper sleeping positions are not something you usually talk about with other people, especially since the topic might not seem that interesting. However, it’s important for people to understand the importance of the positions in which they sleep. Otherwise, they must default to whatever feels comfortable without realizing that it can cause long-term harm.

That is why it’s a good idea to research about doing healthier sleeping positions so you can avoid injuring yourself. You might even be suffering from conditions that already seem normal to you since they’ve been occurring for as long as you remember. Below are a few conditions and pointers that might help you in improving your sleeping position.

Nerve Tension 

Commonly associated with numbing, tingling, or pain in the hands, this is a condition where the nerves throughout your arms and neck are being compressed. This happens when you are in a compromised sleeping position in which your nerves are compressed due to your weight and positioning. 

Nerve tension is a condition where your nerves are stretched out for long periods. If you don’t do anything to change your sleeping position, you might end up sustaining permanent nerve damage that could require surgery. 

Preventing Nerve Damage

You can prevent nerve damage by alleviating the pressure on your nerves, but that might not be easy to do once you are asleep. That said, you won’t need to buy any expensive machines; it only takes a matter of time and some effort to fix. Below are some methods you can try.

Proper Pillow Placement

The goal of having a good night’s sleep on your back requires you to sleep in a position that doesn’t compromise the natural curvature of the length of your spine.

  •  You can aid your body in doing this by using a pillow that can properly hold your neck in place without becoming uncomfortable.
  •  Applying two small pillows under your elbows will allow for your spine to make better contact with the bed, which is considered to be the ideal sleeping form.
  • Try putting a pillow under your knees. It should help maintain the natural shape and position of your legs in relation to your spine.

You should also consider that you can sleep in different positions, such as sleeping on your side. If you plan on sleeping on the side, you should ensure that you maintain a straight line that runs through from your neck to your hips.

  • Your neck mustn’t be elevated too high since this could cut blood flow as well as apply pressure to your nerves.
  • Putting a pillow between your legs should help alleviate any pressure on your lower body, as well as improve the blood flow in the groin.

Finally Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Even if it might seem uncomfortable at first, you must keep practicing so that you can avoid cutting off your blood flow or damaging your nerves while you sleep. Following these steps might take you quite some time to get used to, but it would all be worth it once you are able to follow through with it. 

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