Do you ever wake up in the morning with numb hands? If so, you might be wondering what’s causing it and how to get relief. Today, we’ll explore the possible causes of your numb hands, along with how you can treat them and prevent them from happening again if at all possible.

Causes for Waking Up with Numb Hands

Waking up with numb hands is a very common problem many people face. It is usually caused by a condition known as carpal tunnel syndrome, but there are a variety of other potential causes as well.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition that occurs when the median nerve, which runs through the carpal tunnel in the wrist, becomes compressed. This compression can lead to numbness, tingling, and weakness in the hands and fingers. Other symptoms include pain in the wrist, forearm, and shoulder, as well as a loss of grip strength.

In addition to carpal tunnel syndrome, other conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, and repetitive strain injuries can also cause numbness in the hands. Certain medications, like those used to treat high blood pressure, can also lead to numbness in the hands. Poor posture caused by things like sleeping with the arms bent at the elbow can also cause numbness in the hands.

Treatment for Waking Up with Numb Hands

The treatment for waking up with numb hands depends on the underlying cause. For carpal tunnel syndrome, treatment may include wearing a wrist splint during the night, taking anti-inflammatory medication, and avoiding activities that involve repetitive motion. Alternatively, surgery may be necessary to relieve the pressure on the median nerve.

For other causes of numbness in the hands, treatment may include taking medications, managing underlying health conditions, and avoiding activities that can aggravate the condition. Physical therapy can also help to improve flexibility and strength in the hands, wrists, and shoulders.

In some cases, numbness in the hands may resolve without any treatment. However, it is important to consult a doctor to determine the cause and receive appropriate treatment.

Preventing Waking Up with Numb Hands

To prevent waking up with numb hands, it is important to take steps to improve posture and reduce pressure on the wrists. This may include using ergonomic furniture and tools, avoiding activities that involve repetitive motion, and taking frequent breaks from activities that involve the hands. Additionally, maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding smoking can help reduce the risk of developing conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

In some cases, however, prevention may not be possible without the intervention of a doctor. Things like surgery may be required for specific cases, and such procedures must be done to ensure you no longer wake up with numb hands caused by something you cannot overcome alone.


While numb hands may be just a nuisance for some, it can be a sign of a serious medical condition to others. If you are experiencing numbness in your hands, it is important to speak with your doctor to determine the cause and receive the appropriate treatment. That way, you will no longer wake up with the problem, and you also eliminate any other risks that the medical condition may present to you.

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