Wrist pain can be caused by a number of different factors. It could be the result of a sudden injury, a gradual deterioration of the affected body parts, or a separate health condition entirely. Regardless of the cause, however, wrist pain can get in the way of normal daily activities and even negatively impact one’s quality of life.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most common causes of wrist pain and what you should do to fix it.

The Most Common Causes of Wrist Pain




Sprains occur when the ligaments in your wrist are damaged. This is most commonly caused by a sudden injury that causes the ligament to stretch beyond its normal capacity. Sprains are easily treated with cold compression and ample rest.


Carpal tunnel syndrome


This is one of the most common causes of wrist pain and is usually a result of overusing the joint. Activities such as typing on a keyboard or heavy lifting can put pressure on the ligaments in the wrist, causing them to thicken and put added pressure on your nerves. Carpal tunnel syndrome treatment involves corticosteroid use, specially-designed splits, and sometimes, surgery.




A condition that most often affects middle-aged people and older, osteoarthritis occurs when the cartilage that protects a person’s joints slowly wears away. This causes bones to grind together, leading to inflammation, chronic pain, and loss of joint function. This disease is usually treated with the use of medications.


Rheumatoid arthritis


This condition is an autoimmune disease wherein the body’s own immune system attacks healthy tissues. The same symptoms that are borough on by osteoarthritis are also present in this condition, and the treatments are also similar.


Tendinitis or bursitis


Tendinitis refers to inflammation of a tendon, while bursitis refers to inflammation of the fluid-filled sac in between bones, called a bursa. These are injuries that can be caused by an acute injury or develop over time. Treating these conditions involves rest and medication to manage the pain.


Ganglion cyst


This is a type of noncancerous lump that develops most frequently around the wrist area. These can range from about the size of a pea to over 2 centimeters in diameter. They are filled with a colorless fluid that can put pressure on nerves, causing pain and loss of mobility. They may go away on their own provided that the joint is immobilized, but sometimes, surgery is needed to drain the fluid.

What You Should Do in Case You Have Wrist Pain

The best thing you can do is go to a hand specialist to get a proper diagnosis of your condition to facilitate the right form of treatment. Never attempt to diagnose and treat your wrist pain on your own as you may inadvertently worsen the problem. 


As stated earlier, wrist pain can be a real hindrance to your daily life, robbing you of the ability to work with your hands that are crucial to even the most basic tasks. While this type of pain may sometimes be overlooked or ignored, it’s important to get to the bottom of the condition to ensure that your hand is restored to full functionality.

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