wristThe COVID-19 pandemic requires people to be extra cautious about their well-being. Besides the dangers of contracting the disease, people need to avoid developing an illness that requires immediate attention at healthcare facilities.

Contrary to popular belief, your wrists don’t have to be physically active to experience injuries over time. In fact, it’s more likely for idle people to experience wrist tendonitis since these individuals are spending more time indoors. Tendonitis can occur in your body’s different joints. However, it’s much more prominent to occur in your wrists due to the pandemic.

The increased risk of wrist tendonitis during pandemic times

Even though people are more confined indoors due to local and national healthcare protocols, people can still be at risk of developing illnesses. For example, people may find it more difficult to seek medical treatments due to nearby healthcare facilities’ inpatient limitations. Since handling COVID-19 patients is the priority for most areas, it’s much harder to get treatment for other conditions.

One potential illness you can develop indoors is wrist tendonitis. The adaptation of schools and workplaces to home-based setups forces people to adapt to using mobile devices for online interactions. Unfortunately, this puts more strain on the wrists as you use your computer or mobile devices for an extended period.

The effects and causes of tendonitis

A tendon connects muscle to bone with thick fibrous cords. These tendons slide in a lined sheath containing synovial fluid to simulate frictionless movement. However, the tendon’s injuries or inflammation can cause the sheath to enlarge and restrict your limbs’ movement.

When people experience sprains or injuries around their joints, inflammation can result in tendonitis. Although it’s more common to experience wrist tendonitis from physically demanding activities, you can also develop it through repetitive motions. Additionally, you’re more at risk for tendonitis if you have arthritis, diabetes, or low flexibility.

The symptoms of wrist tendonitis

Wrist tendonitis manifests as pain and stiffness, especially at the start of the day as you wake up. Additionally, your wrists may feel sore or tender when applying pressure. In some cases, people may notice visible swelling or a creaking noise when moving their wrists.

If you have wrist tendonitis, you’ll experience discomfort in utilizing your hand’s range of motion. You may also find difficulty performing different tasks that involve your fingers, such as typing, pinching, or gripping.

The appropriate treatment for wrist tendonitis

The proper treatment for tendonitis will vary, depending on your condition. For most cases, using splints and compression is enough to treat the overworked tendons over time. Cold and hot therapy can also reduce the inflammation in your wrists. You may also opt to take nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) for severe conditions.

For worst-case scenarios, your physician may prescribe corticosteroid injections to manage and control the inflammation. If you’re consistently experiencing wrist tendonitis, you may need to undergo occupational therapy. Doing so will allow you to remedy your functional behaviors that contribute to straining your wrists.


Understandably, people can confuse wrist tendonitis with other conditions that can occur around the same area. Carpal tunnel and arthritis are two common diagnoses that have similar symptoms yet different treatment solutions with tendonitis. This is why it’s necessary to consult with your physician to receive an accurate diagnosis of your condition. Seeking out a specialist lets you have an experienced medical expert analyze your symptoms to give the right solution for your medical dilemma.

Looking for healthcare establishments that specialize in your particular problems increases your chances of receiving an accurate diagnosis. At North Florida Hand & Wrist, we have the appropriate equipment and facilities to give you the proper care for your body’s ailments. If you need a wrist doctor in Jacksonville, FL, schedule an appointment with us today!