computer useRSI or repetitive strain injury is a common type of injury experienced by office workers because they constantly experience the same movements every day—usually, in addition to bad posture. This kind of repetitiveness can lead to injuries in the wrists, neck, back, shoulders, and even eye, which can seriously impact an individual’s ability to be productive and work. 

With that in mind, how do you prevent RSI injuries while working? Here are some easy and practical tips you can follow:

1. Take occasional breaks

While taking breaks may seem anti-productive, the truth is quite the opposite. When you work for hours on end, your productivity levels drop and your body might stay too long in uncomfortable positions. Even just a short walk and stretch can relieve your body of unnecessary stress. It can also refresh your mind for the rest of the work.

2. Lower your mouse usage

There is nothing wrong with using your mouse. After all, you need it to navigate your computer. However, finding yourself frequently moving your hands from the keyboard to the mouse can put unnecessary strain on your hands. To address this problem, you can learn shortcuts on the keyboard to perform actions that can also be done with the mouse. 

Also, lowering your mouse’s sensitivity to facilitate whole-arm movements instead of wrist movements can reduce wrist strains and make the mouse a little more comfortable. 

3. Align your keyboard properly

If you type a lot, this is one of the most important things you must consider. A misaligned keyboard can easily put a lot of strain on your hand, fingers, wrist, arms, and even neck. You should make sure your hands are in a neutral position when typing, and this includes using the right table, chair height, and the angle of the keyboard.

This ensures that when you are busy typing out documents, your hands are not strained, which can lead to RSI injuries.

4. Adjust your seat as necessary

When you get lazier and more tired, you tend to slouch. This is not a good position to be in, especially for long periods. As such, you must adjust your seat to eliminate the slouching. Find a sitting position that allows you to sit up straight with your feet flat on the floor or footstool. If you are leaning forwards or backward, remind yourself to straighten your back afterward.


In summary, apply any ergonomic concepts you have learned to your work. Investing in ergonomic keyboards and mice can go a long way towards eliminating strain, allowing you to work without pain.

Remember to take breaks when the going gets tough. No matter how good your posture is and expensive your ergonomic equipment is, your body will grow tired from sitting all day. Breaks can refresh your energy and your mind, ensuring you stay in top form throughout your daily tasks.

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