Preventing Wrist PainsAs the world shifts to a purely technological environment, there is no doubt that people’s lifestyles are also affected by this rapidly shifting trend. Office spaces alone have seen that wrist pains are becoming increasingly prevalent due to the demands of the job and the heavy use of computers. Ergonomics can be difficult to keep in mind at all times, but fortunately, there are ways to reduce the possibilities of contracting wrist pains. 

Remember that wrist conditions and injuries, like carpal tunnel syndrome, are practically permanent and will cause extreme discomfort down the line. Be safe and avoid these by practicing good strain management when utilizing a computer, because carpal tunnel surgery is not a nice experience!

Setting Your Desk Up For Ergonomics

A large part of what causes carpal tunnel is a wrong desk setup. Ergonomics experts have guides on how to set up a desk for maximum comfort for long periods of use. The most basic point of ergonomics is finding the right set up that works for your height. 

When you have a desk, make sure that it sits at the right height in comparison to your chair. While seated upright, your feet must be firmly planted flat onto the floor, which is the correct posture that prevents any back and other body pains. The screen of your computer should be at eye level, or if a laptop is used, angle the screen to be easily viewed straight ahead. 

An integral part of comfort is the height of the chair. By setting the height of the chair and the to a position that makes your arms align straight with the desk and the keyboard, you can avoid any discomfort. Shoulders should also remain relaxed and down, as well as wrists flat and laying on the desk.

Point your arms straight and do not have your hands splayed in strange positions. When working with a mouse, keep it close to the keyboard so that you can grab the mouse without moving your hand too much. It must also be at the same level as the keyboard, allowing your wrists to be flat on the desk. 

When using wrist supports, be wary of the height of these compared to the keyboard, as these can do more harm than good in certain instances. Finally, you will want to keep taking micro-breaks in between working sessions to stretch and release tension by walking around.

Beware of Repetitive-Motion Injuries

These injuries are the most common way to get injuries in any kind of situation and are normally produced by typing for extended periods of time. Repetitive wrist motions can cause damages if done in long sprints, so be sure to give your wrists and fingers a break from typing. 

This is especially needed if your job entails typing thousands of words or inputting a lot of data and numbers. Resting in between bursts of typing for even just a few minutes can do wonders for your health. 

Take It Easy, And Don’t Forget To STRETCH

Overexerting force when typing or using devices can jolt the nerves and muscles in your hand and wrist, which can result in damage. By moving your hands in soft and fluid motions, you can maintain its health and strength for longer periods of time. Wrist doctors also recommend that you do light stretches for the wrist without jolting them into action abruptly. 

A good way to stretch your wrists is to extend your fingers back and forth, then make a tight fist, followed by relaxing the whole hand and repeating the motion. Another great stretch is called the prayer stretch, which looks a lot like the prayer position, except you exert some force to apply pressure. The final stretch is called the palm press, wherein the palm of your hand is placed on the edge of the desk, and you gently push it in for about five seconds. 


Florida’s best wrist doctors recommend taking care of wrists, as any damage to the nerves and muscles are often permanent and are sure to cause discomfort as time goes by. Remember that prevention is always better than treatment—so avoid lifelong pains by taking care of your wrists while you can. 

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