We often dismiss our hand pain like arthritis, but most of the time, we misdiagnose ourselves. If you check the symptoms, you will realize that you have a trigger finger. It is one of the most poorly understood conditions.

Thankfully, it is not a life-threatening disease, but it can drastically alter your life. You will find it challenging to do your tasks. If you are suffering from this condition, you need to do something about it.

Pain in the finger is all you will feel, and it will not go away. It can be caused by stress or any job that requires repetitive movements. Even at rest, you can still feel pain.

This article is a comprehensive guide that will help you know this condition. You will learn about trigger finger treatment, prevention, and home remedies for this disease.

What Is a Trigger Finger?

Before we tackle the topic of trigger finger treatment, let us define what a trigger finger is. A trigger finger is characterized by irritation of the tendon sheath where the tendon slides as you flex and extend your finger. It is a recurrent condition that occurs more than once.

This condition is named after the seemingly stuck position of our finger. However, it does have nothing to do with firearms. After defining the trigger finger, we can now evaluate the trigger finger causes and trigger finger treatment.

What Causes Trigger Fingers?

There are many causes of trigger finger. However, the two leading causes are trauma and overuse. When we encounter either of these two, it forces our tendon sheaths to pinch the tendons. It results in finger stiffness.

Fortunately, the cause is easy to identify. Those with repeated trauma, such as those working in a factory, are prone to trigger fingers. Those who play golf or tennis are also at risk because these activities involve repetitive hand movement.

The tendon sheath surrounding the tendons of our fingers can be affected when we repeatedly do the exact movements of our fingers. Overuse is the main culprit. When we use our fingers for repetitive actions, it can trigger fingers.

What Are the Symptoms?

Trigger finger symptoms are manifested as swelling, pain, and weakness. With repetitive movement, the tendon sheath’s lining swells. However, this does not always happen. It is only present when it is triggered.

A trigger finger is often mistaken for arthritis. Unlike arthritis, a trigger finger is triggered by grasping and bending. If your hand has been injured or is strained by work or sports, there is a big possibility that a trigger finger will occur. 

What Are the Treatments?

Trigger finger treatment relies on the severity of the pain. If you suffer from a mild trigger finger, you can avoid it by resting your hand and wearing a splint.  

If the pain is too severe, you need to consult a doctor. You may be prescribed pain medication. The doctor will ask you to stretch your finger repeatedly.  

You may be given exercises to stretch the finger. It is not an effective trigger finger treatment, but it can reduce the pain.


A trigger finger is a condition where you cannot extend your finger. If you are not careful, it can happen again. You should wear splints to prevent the illness.  

However, it does not entirely prevent it. You need to take regular breaks to avoid the condition. You can also consult a doctor if you are suffering from the disease.

If you believe that you have a trigger finger, you should consult North Florida Hand and Wrist. We can prescribe you effective trigger finger treatment so that you can regain control of your life. Schedule an appointment now!