Woman's wrists

Among the different places that you can have a tumor in your body, no location is as prone to abnormal growths as the hands.

Although most of us associate the presence of tumors with conditions like breast and brain cancer, the truth is that tumors come up frequently on the hands as well. However, it is worth noting that the hand and wrist regions’ growths aren’t non-cancerous since they are typically benign in nature. At the same time, this should give you no reason to be complacent and should prompt you to be quick in treating the affected area.

Seeing that hand tumors are common and can affect anyone, you must know what particular forms they come in and what signs are commonly associated with each iteration. From varieties that can easily be seen on the skin to those that lie beneath the epidermis, each condition is unique and bears the responsibility of properly dealt with. 

Common types of abnormal growths in the hand and wrist

If you aren’t entirely familiar with the presence of hand and wrist tumors and desire to get familiar with the different ones that you can experience, here’s a guide to the three common types: 


By far, warts are the most common type of abnormal growth that can be easily found in the hand and wrist regions.

Easily identifiable by their bumpiness and the itchy sensation that they deliver, this form of tumor is non-cancerous but can easily spread if you aren’t careful. Commonly caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV), hand and wrist warts are more common in women and can easily prove to be embarrassing to deal with if you aren’t careful.

Thankfully, you can treat warts easily with various treatments, such as pumice stones, chemical work, freezing, or direct treatment from the professionals over at North Florida Hand And Wrist!

Epidermal inclusion cysts

Similar to warts, epidermal inclusion cysts are non-cancerous, but they are distinct because of their appearance. 

Generally, these cysts or tumors can pop up in areas where a cut or puncture was previously present as growths can fill these cavities with keratin. While they may not necessarily be cancerous, epidermal inclusion cysts are quite irritating to deal with. This is why experts often recommend dealing with them by seeking a skilled hand and wrist surgeon! 

Ganglion cysts

As one of the most common types of tumors in the hand and wrist areas, Ganglion cysts are a marvel in the medical world because of how they can easily fluctuate in size and appearance.

Depending on the person who experiences it, a ganglion cyst can be soft or firm and large or small. However, at the end of the day, everyone who has this tumor can agree that the growth is inconvenient. Thankfully, these cysts can be removed through aspiration or a surgical procedure with the help of our resident surgeons!


Compared to other parts of the body, the hands and wrists are more prone to picking up or being the growth sites for various tumors. Although they are non-cancerous, they can be just plain inconvenient to deal with. Suppose you start experiencing any of the growths mentioned above. In that case, it’s best to waste no time and enlist the help of a medical expert to take care of the situation immediately!

We have hand surgeons and specialists in Jacksonville, Florida, that serve carpal tunnel, cubital tunnel syndrome, and ganglion cyst cases. We are a state-of-the-art surgical facility staffed by a team of dedicated practitioners whose primary goal is to ease any hand or wrist discomfort you may experience. Schedule an appointment with our expert physicians today!