Numb hand


Hand numbness is characterized by a feeling of pins and needles or a lack of sensation in the hands. It is often accompanied by a tingling or burning sensation. This condition can be caused by various factors ranging from injury or trauma to medical conditions, such as carpal tunnel syndrome or nerve damage. It may also signify a more serious medical condition, so it is vital to see a hand doctor if you experience persistent or severe hand numbness.

What Are The Most Common Causes of Hand Numbness? 

Numbness in the hands can be a concerning symptom, but fortunately, many causes and treatments are available. If you’re experiencing numbness in your hands, it’s essential to understand what could be causing it and how to best address it.

While knowledge is always power in our health, it’s crucial to note that you should see a qualified hand doctor for a proper diagnosis. A physician specializing in hand injuries and conditions will run specialized tests to pinpoint the cause of your numbness and help devise the appropriate treatment.

The most common cause of numbness in the hands is carpal tunnel syndrome, caused by pressure on the median nerve in the wrist. Other causes of numbness in the hands include nerve compression from a herniated disc in the neck or spine, diabetes, Raynaud’s phenomenon, and overuse or repetitive motion injuries. 

Certain medications, such as cancer drugs, can cause a feeling of tingling or numbness in the hands. These can result in temporary numbness that will disappear after the chemotherapy treatment. In some cases, the numbness may be permanent.

How Do Hand Doctors Treat Hand Numbness? 

After a careful diagnosis, your hand doctor will devise the best treatment to alleviate your hand numbness. Depending on the cause, treatment may involve physical therapy, lifestyle changes, medications, or surgery. 

Physical therapy can help reduce pressure on the median nerve and stretch and strengthen the muscles in your hands, wrists, and forearms. This can help to reduce symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. Lifestyle changes such as posture improvement, ergonomic modifications, and rest can also help reduce symptoms. 

Doctors may use non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxants, and corticosteroids to reduce inflammation and pain. Sometimes, your hand doctor may deem surgery necessary to relieve pressure on the median nerve. 

Hand numbness is often a symptom of a more severe condition. If you’re experiencing numbness in your hands, seeking medical attention to determine the cause and find the best treatment is essential. With the proper treatment, you can reduce the symptoms of numbness and regain the feeling in your hands.


Numbness in the hands can be an uncomfortable and even frightening experience. The good news is that many conditions associated with hand numbness are often reversible if caught early. If you’re experiencing numbness in your hands, it’s vital to seek the help of a hand doctor immediately to determine the cause and find the best treatment for you. The earlier a hand doctor can diagnose your condition, the higher the chance treatment will alleviate your symptoms. 

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